The theme of the Borough of Manhattan Community College visit is Start Here, Go Anywhere. Visiting students will participate in an interactive virtual campus tour that includes the Art Gallery, Library, Icarus Statue, Student Activities, and the Gym, to name a few. Additionally, students will partake in a hands-on activity with one of the awesome academic departments or Visit Guides.

Common Core Standards: RI.6.9.a, RI.7.9a, RI.8.9.a, SL.6.2.a, SL.7.2.a, SL.8.2.a, R.6-12.1, W.6-12.3, W.6.3, W.7.3, W.8.3

Please Note: CUNY Explorer tours are open to all middle school students 6th through 8th grade as well as CBOs who serve middle school students.

Reserve only the number of visits needed for your school's middle school enrollment.

CUNY Explorers Coordinator Contact Information
| Melanie Lewis
| 212-776-6457

**Visit Dates Coming Soon!**